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Community Centre

Chin Waggers Club

Chin waggers club was created to provide a weekly social event for seniors in our local government area (LGA). Chin waggers group meet at BECC every Monday between 10am – 11:30.

Cost: $12 per membership & additional $2 to cover morning tea and coffee/tea.

Every is welcome.

The club is excited to offer members;

  • monthly guest speaker
  • monthly excursion – using own transport and responsible for own expenses e.g. admission, meals (wet weather alternative – theatre). 
  • twice monthly challenge 
  • monthly newsletter – to keep those who choose not to attend BECC in the current COVID-19 climate, informed and connected. It is hoped that as we progress we may be able to introduce Skyping to those who are unable to attend personally due to weather or circumstances.

Please be assured that BECC and staff are going above and beyond to comply with Covid recommendations thus allowing our premises to be safely used for this purpose.

Chin Waggers club membership will be $12 each attendee – includes GST. Payable at time of membership application – regardless of the month and will be renewable on anniversary of application. This fee will help offset hall hire, insurance and administration and operating costs, as the Community Centre is still being affected by Covid and has limited resources. 

A weekly contribution of $2 will assist with morning tea expenses, which in keeping with current Covid recommendations will consist of tea/coffee & biscuits, which will be served by one person only in the kitchen. Until further notice any home cooked contributions – whilst under normal circumstances most welcome – cannot be served during our gradual return to community life under Covid. Small price to pay for our slow return to freedom. 

Members who require a carer must have the carer’s name and details of organisation they present registered with BECC, and are required to sign an agreement that they are responsible for the safety and behaviour of the person in their care at all times whilst on BECC premises, or alternative venues when on outings.